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Cutting Edge Care

Since 2008, The Family First Care Clinic has offered and continues to offer Cutting Edge Care to all patients who come through our doors for any number of medical issues. These patients continue to grace our doors because they have come to trust the staff to meet a large number of medical illnesses, diseases, and just helping our patients control certain medical issues like blood pressure and diabetic care through our Cutting Edge Care. It is our privilege to serve the community of Converse, TX.

When patients visit our clinic, a skilled clinic professional cares for that patient during their visit. We offer Cutting Edge Care buy offering our patients access to our secured portal, through the internet, so that each patient can assess their account. Our documentation is easy to understand and our digital medical records system is available 24 hours a day.

This information is valuable to each patient in addition to any medical professional that may need this information for emergency care or referrals. Our Cutting Edge Care allows better management of medical and family histories, lists of medications and the patient’s latest dosage instructions, in addition to any allergies the patient has expressed to our clinic. We seriously put each patient’s privacy first and safeguard his or her privacy with secured integrated records.

Our Cutting Edge Care is predictive with a focus on preventive approaches towards patient care. Our clinic has up to date diagnostic tools that compliment the assessment skills of our educated and trusted staff. Our clinic strives to tailor to each patient, we treat with the goal to transform the direction healthcare is traditionally presented. We customize our medical treatment while maintaining our strict medical criteria to meet your personal needs.

A focal part of our Cutting Edge Care has to do with the health care services we are able to provide to our patients from the day they are born to their senior years and at any stage of life. Our board certified physician and nurse practitioners takes as much time with each patient as the patient needs.

The field of medicine is always changing, we constantly improve and take great strides in the care offered at our clinic.  We consider it a great honor and privilege to see you and your loved ones.